Ever Changing World In Which We Live In.....

A BIG "What's Up!" to all our HIX friends and fans out there. First and foremost, we hope this finds you & yours safe and healthy. Just wanted to drop a lil somethin' here and let ya know we're still doin' our thing during, well....much more of "down time" than I think any of us anticipated. Many of our venues, luckily enough have hung in their rather strong despite the odds against them. For that we salute them and those of you who helped in that survival. This whole thing has been a helluva task for us all. Some dates seem to be coming to fruition with the hopes of each day, week and month lookin' a bit brighter along the way. Be sure to sign up for our mailer, as well as follow along on Facebook and Instagram! Lookin' forward to the good times once again; much sooner than later! Stay positive for yourself and those around you.

Keep in mind, if you are lookin' to have a HIX event all of your very own, don't hesitate to reach out to us by simply filling out the Contact Form on this site or contacting us at BIGHIXinfo@gmail.com

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