Happy New Year!

BIG HIX would like to thank our friends, family and fans of the band for all of their support this past year, cuz without y'all we're just part of the puzzle. We would also like to especially recognize in particular, Joe Young for his ongoing contributions to the band as he has been an incredible and valued player! We would also like to thank all of the musicians past and present who have graced us with their talents in helping us keep this thing motorin' in 4WD through the thick of it! You are appreciated. To the sound guys who helped out this year: Pirate Sound, Fern Hellhound, Tony D, Joe Vasfailo, Ryan Willie and any others we may have forgotten- thanks! We like to play loud, cuz for us to be it, ya gotta feel it. So, thanks for understanding the nightmare we can be sometimes...lol! 

Finally to all the venues, private and corp clients that appreciate this band as much as we do, thanks for having us entertain for you. We're lookin' forward to a great 2019 with some interesting, new venues/shows ahead of us, so we hope you'll continue to join us on the journey! 

To you and all of your families, we wish you a very Safe, Happy & Healthy New Year. 

BIG HIX (Dale, Pemberton, Jon, and Dylan)

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