Sounds NUTTY, but BIG HIX are on their way back to L.I.!!!

Do not miss this show folks. We had such a blast last time around! Join us, along w/DJ Ben-E and The L.I. Boot Kickers for a Tuesday night filled with all your favorite Country hits and of course some great dancin'. So, forget the winter chill, take a swill and get yer Country on!

$4 Pickleback shots

$3 JD shots

$3 Coors Banquet Cans

$3 PBR Cans

Ain't no way you can go wrong, so just follow the Neon Light....if you can't find that, than just look for us HIX!

BIG HIX Live in Farmingdale
Tuesday February 17th, 8:30pm
The Nutty Irishman
323 Main Street, Farmingdale Long Island

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