Thanks for a great week!

Wanted to take a quick minute to thank everyone who made this such an enjoyable week and weekend worth of shows for the band. Wednesday with Thunder106, VanDusen ThunderRadio, & DJ Chris Court @ Bar Anticipation and those who took to the floor.  

Friday was our 2nd time around at Huddy's Inn and we had a blast! Love seein' new faces in the crowd and all of ya who are encouraging your friends to come check out this machine we call BIG HIX.  

Saturday was a pleasant surprise at Resorts World Casino New York City with NASH FM 94.7. Crowd was incredibly responsive! To get people's focus off $ signs, dice, aces and spinning wheels for just a brief time isn't quite so easy, but somehow we did it. (albeit we were bout as high as an air balloon over the crowd, which was very cool!)  

Anyway, thanks to all who participated or dropped an ear for a few minutes to take it in and have a go, not just as Country music fans, but as MUSIC fans!  
Now, you can rest up til the weekend and catch us this upcoming Saturday 12/17 Colorado Cafe where ya'll need strength (to lift your beer), courage (to ride the bull), balance (to dance on the bar) rhythm (to kick them boots to and fro) and stamina (TO GO ALL NIGHT LONG!) See ya there and be sure to check us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course right here!


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