Thanks HIX!

We'd like to thank EVERYONE that came out to Stage House Tavernand Franklin Steakhouse & Tavern, Fairfield NJ this weekend. What an amazing turnout of enthusiastic, Country lovin' party people! As always, your support is appreciated as we venture into new rooms, try new tunes and try to up each gig with more energy and excitement. 


Personal message from Dale: 

"For me personally, I'm thankful to be around after my experience Oct 23rd and make up for these same two shows a month later that the band unfortunately had to cancel that weekend. It's a much cooler experience to look at y'all over my mic and watchin' ya sing along than to be starin' at a ceiling from a hospital bed, I can promise ya that. So, thank you again for the kind words and support."

Lots more stuff comin' up with the new year, so stay tuned here, on Instagram, and of course at Be sure to tell your friends.

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